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Weekly Class Offerings

Sun & Moon Yoga offers specialized weekly classes just for kids of all ages and parents and caregivers too. Browse around our full class listing and find what works for your family.

Yoga for Kids After School
We will play and work with poses to increase flexibility and strength develop coordination and posture, and explore relaxation and stress reduction tools, Yoga stories and/or visualizations will be presented in each class. Appropriate for kindergarteners through all the elementary ages.

  • In Fairfax: Wednesdays, 5:00p (for all elementary ages)

  • In Arlington: Thursdays 4:30 (for grades K-2)

Yoga for Teens
A playful yet disciplined practice of asana, pranayama, and relaxation, intended to help reduce stress and promote strength, self-esteem, focus, balance, and positive body images.

  • In Arlington: Mondays, 5:00p

Yoga for Teen Boys
The adolescent boy will learn ways to focus his mind, condition his body to help avoid athletic injuries, build flexibility to balance his emerging strength, and manage emotions. The class is designed for middle and high school boys seeking a peaceful environment without the distraction of girls. 

  • In Arlington: Thursdays, 6:30p (this class has been temporarily canceled due to low interest - please let us know if you have some interested boys!)

Prenatal Yoga
An all-levels course which supports and empowers expectant mothers, elevates mood, and strengthens and relaxes their miraculous bodies leading up to birth. Teaches ways to ease aches and pains, make the body comfortable during pregnancy, and use the breath to calm and steady the mind. Women will find inspiration, community, and support of their peers as they prepare for the big event. 

  • In Arlington: Thursdays, 7:45 and Sundays, 4:30p

  • In Fairfax: Thursdays, 6:30p and Saturdays, 11:15a

Yoga for Tweens
Yoga for those in-betweeners who don't seem like kids anymore, but are not quite ready for an older teens class. Recommended for grades 3 through 6.

  • In Arlington: Thursdays, 5:30p

  • In Fairfax: nothing currently scheduled

Yoga for You & The Baby
Bring along your baby, from infant to almost-crawling, for this welcoming postnatal class that emphasizes how yoga can help you stay physically and emotionally strong and centered during your first months together. Strengthen, stretch and tone your body with emphasis on support for feeding, holding, lifting and carrying your baby, as well as moving more easily through your daily life. Learn basic techniques of baby massage and movements that encourage neuromuscular development in babies. Registration is per adult.

  • In Arlington: Wednesdays, 11:30a

  • In Fairfax: Wednesdays, 10:00a

Yoga for You and the Tots
A fun fun romp for moms or any caregivers and their babes who are crawling or toddling. We will incorporate asana, stories, music, and creative movement to experience the joy and heartfelt wisdom of yoga with a child-like flow.

  • In Arlington: Fridays, 11:15a (this class has been temporarily canceled due to low interest - please let us know if you know of a group of new babies who might form a class!)

  • In Fairfax: nothing currently scheduled

  • Offsite special offering at Kinder Haus Toys in Clarendon: Tuesdays, 10:30a (passes available here)

Yoga for You & The Kids
An all-levels yoga class with all the favorite poses, breathing, and relaxation that our other standard classes offer, with the invitation to bring the kids so the whole family can practice together. Recommended for all adults and their kids ages 7 and up. Designed to be a straight-forward yoga class for families with kids whose attention span and interest in yoga can sustain a 75-minute yoga experience. One adult registration includes one child for free; additional children attend for half-price. If two adults within a family register and each brings a child for free, a third child can come for free.

  • In Arlington: Wednesdays, 6:15p

  • In Fairfax: nothing currently scheduled

Monthly Family Yoga Fun

Family Yoga Fun Fridays (5p) and Saturday mornings (8a)
Once per month, join us in our Arlington Studio for all ages yoga, offering a bright and lovely opportunity to build a bridge of breath and calm, from busy week to fun weekend. Classes will include yoga poses, games, stories, and age-appropriate relaxation techniques. Geared toward the younger family, with kids from toddler-age through early elementary. View our events page for scheduled dates. 

Family Yoga Fun Sundays
Monthly Sunday gatherings in our Fairfax Studio for all ages of yogis. Carve out time for a healthy activity the whole family can enjoy. The hour flies by, with poses, stories, games, and relaxations great for everyone. Geared toward the younger family, with kids from toddler-age through early elementary.. View our events page for scheduled dates. 

Celebrate with Yoga: Parties and Gatherings for All Ages

Join us for a fun-filled, positive, and healthy celebration for your little yogi’s birthday, a friend’s baby or bridal shower, or your own celebratory milestone. All parties include use of one of our lovely and spacious yoga classrooms, and a yoga class led by one of our certified yoga instructors. You’ll have time afterward to enjoy whatever treats and refreshments you provide.

Kids will enjoy 45-minutes of fun-filled yoga time, including any combination of poses, breathing exercises, craft activities (such as no-sew eye pillows or chakra bracelets), and music. We’ll work with you to design a great party based on a theme of your choice, such as beach, nature, dinosaurs, fairies, or yogi warriors. 

For adults, choose any theme and we’ll design a lovely 60-minute practice with optional add-ons such as partner poses, Thai massage samples, special readings, or genre-specified music playlists.

Costs: $250 per party ($10/child extra for more than 12 kids). Refreshments provided by party host. Non-refundable fee of $50 is due at the time of booking to hold your party date. The $200 balance is due the Friday before the event.

To book a birthday party, click here and fill out this form!


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